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Rafael Pereira

Associate Patent Attorney

Boston, MA

+1 617 918 7701
Rafael Pereira.


Rafael is an Associate Patent Attorney at CALDWELL. In his position, he is responsible for:

  • Preparation and prosecution of foreign and domestic patent applications
  • Assessing the patentability and developing patent protection strategies for business growth and success
  • Intellectual property portfolio strategy and management


Prior to joining CALDWELL, Rafael worked as a software engineer at Zipcar and MAN Numeric.

At Zipcar, Rafael worked on projects such as automating internal applications, creating features for the Brain Simulator application, which simulated the movement of vehicles in the fleet, and writing Journey Tests, which simulated user interaction with the mobile application. At MAN Numeric, he worked on building features for the alpha simulation application, which uses financial models to simulate the market and the results are used by portfolio managers to make investment decisions.