The Wall Street Journal: Trademark Attorney, Julie Tolek, Comments on Russia’s Allowance of Imports

Caldwell’s Trademark Attorney, Julie Tolek, is mentioned in The Wall Street Journal to discuss Russia’s decision to allow imported goods to enter its borders through third countries and trademark law exemptions.

The Wall Street Journal Excerpt:

Panasonic televisions, Nintendo and Microsoft Xbox game consoles, Fender guitars and Carefee feminine hygiene products may be sold in Russia without fear of repercussions from trademark law, according to the list.

The list will also benefit businesses that have been cut off from needed parts and products. Among the exempted products are electronic components from manufacturers such as Cisco, Intel, Motorola and Siemens. The list also includes categories of industrial goods such as paper, textiles, ceramics, locomotives and nuclear reactors.

The Russian government said in late March that it would allow such imports, but it left it up to the industry and trade ministry to craft a list of goods exempt from trademark laws.

Moscow’s willingness to flout trademark protections will deepen its isolation from the global economy, warned Julie Tolek, a trademark attorney at Caldwell Intellectual Property Law.

“If businesses have pulled out of Russia only temporarily, with hopes of returning to the Russian market in the future, Russia’s allowance, even encouragement, of parallel imports is not conducive to cultivating good will, such that companies will want to re-establish themselves in the Russian market,” she said.

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