Social Commitment

Caldwell Cares

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Helping Our Community Thrive

We are dedicated to enhancing the communities we live and work in, and devote extensive time, talent and resources to meaningful causes that reflect the values in which we believe. We have a responsibility to make a difference and to help our communities thrive. And we bring the same energy and discipline to this pursuit as we do to our service to clients. To achieve this mission, we provide a range of social initiatives geared towards helping underserved communities; we support charitable organizations; and we embrace and promote diversity within Caldwell and the legal community.

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Upholding Entrepreneurship

Our firm is disrupting the way the industry thinks about who entrepreneurs are and what innovation is. We take an unconventional approach to assisting the world of entrepreneurs and business leaders. We tap into areas of potential innovators that otherwise would be overlooked and wouldn’t have access to the resources we offer. Our approach of reinvesting into the community is systemically ingrained as part of our company culture, valuing innovation regardless from where it originates. By tapping into often overlooked talent, we practice and uphold entrepreneurship to its greatest extent.

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Incarcerated Innovator’s Program

Caldwell’s Incarcerated Innovators Program aims to support underserved, aspiring entrepreneurs that are currently incarcerated. The program helps these inmates not only in obtaining patents but also furthering their entrepreneurial dreams. This inmate-to-entrepreneur initiative combats criminal background stigma through promoting innovation and reducing recidivism.

Caldwell R.I.S.E. Program

(Reach, Inspire, Self-empower, Elevate)

Diversity is critical to innovation. At Caldwell, we don’t ask whether someone is a “good fit” for the firm, but rather what can the person add to our winning culture. We celebrate the various perspectives and ingenuity that stem from our diversity. Caldwell fosters an atmosphere where each member can show up as themselves. Our melting pot of ideas leads to our shared vision of success and strengthens the fabric of our firm. Diversity is our strength. To this end, our Caldwell R.I.S.E HBCU initiative engages with Historically Black Colleges and Universities to educate, mentor and recruit students through office hours and various outreach programs. Additionally, Caldwell R.I.S.E. Women in STEM program aims to effectively seek, empower, and employ females from a variety of different technical backgrounds.