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Managing Member, Keegan M. Caldwell, is featured in the latest episode of CEO Secrets. Listen to how he built the #1 fastest-growing law firm in the country and learn about the importance and uses of patents and intellectual property.

CEO SECRETS is a podcast is for those thinking about building their own Real Estate business or creating their empire. Christopher Watters addresses questions from real estate agents across the country who are on their own journeys to building successful top producing teams. You can send in your biggest, deepest, hardest to answer questions about what it takes to be successful in the real estate world today.

Episode Description

For many businesses, patents protect more than just an idea or a concept. It also safeguards true business assets that are critical to a company’s existence in the long term.

Aside from the protection it provides, patents can also be used as leverage to give companies a competitive advantage. It can also drive revenues and profitability, which in some cases, could turn into 9 to 10-figure monetization events. That is why every growing company, regardless if they choose to pursue a patent or not, should have an Intellectual Property (IP) strategy to help them develop, grow, leverage, and monetize their portfolio of IP assets such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc.

However, with technological innovations happening rapidly and a new “shiny” object being invented almost every day, what seems logical to get patented now could become obsolete tomorrow.  In this case, would a patent still be worth it?  Or will it be just another piece of very expensive paper? We are pleased to hear from Keegan Caldwell, Managing Partner at Caldwell Intellectual Property Law, as he shares his insights on patent-related matters and his unique journey from struggling with narcotics addiction, to having a Ph.D. in chemistry, to building the #1 fastest-growing law firm in the country.

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