Caldwell is mentioned in Nasdaq for its successful unorthodox hiring strategy in an article by‘s Chief Visionary Officer, Arran Stewart. Arran sits with our Director of Marketing and Creative Services, Eyob Yohannes,  to discuss his career path and the importance of a positive attitude, networking and transferable skills Post-COVID-19.


Believe in yourself

Nasdaq Writes: “Fortune favors the brave, I am my own marketing, I am my own sales,” says Yohannes. It’s important to recognize that as an individual you are your best salesperson, and you are the marketing behind both your brand and the skills that you have to offer a new employer. It may feel alien to have to sell yourself, but it’s the key to both getting others to buy into you and to feel that they want to invest in someone with less conventional background experience in their sector. It’s essential to believe in what you have to offer and to go and really sell it.

It takes two

Nasdaq Writes: “If we only ever hire the same, we will only ever be the same as everyone else,” explains Yohannes. This is why hiring people from outside a company’s traditional experience is also a chance to hire fresh eyes that can offer a new and exciting perspective to their job role, which can even be tactically advantageous and provide companies with a competitive advantage. And I am compelled to agree with him.

However, all of this is in vain if the hirer isn’t willing to broaden their view and horizons—it takes two in this scenario. It takes a well-presented candidate, with great and valuable transferable skills, who finds an employer who is willing to take a chance on a “wild card” hire—who could either be an unearthed gem or a misuse of time and investment. That’s the risk and reward delta here.

Yohannes joined Caldwell Intellectual Property Law, a law firm in Boston. Upon some research, it turns out that they are the fastest-growing law firm in America according to the Inc. 5000 list, which suggests that they are in need of more talent and may explain why they were willing to take a chance on a hire who lacked the direct experience. However, according to feedback, Yohannes is indeed proving to be a great hire for them, and they continue to grow as a firm at a great pace.

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