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Corporate Practice

Start Up & Venture Capital


CALDWELL stands side-by-side with our venture funded clients and provides guidance at all stages, from initial funding to IPOs and mergers and acquisitions. We have a profound understanding of how emerging companies are formed, funded, scaled, and taken public. We advise clients on business model matters, fundraising approaches and development of investor materials fit for significant evaluation.

We also have one of the fastest growing venture capital practices in the country and have long-standing relationships with the recognized leaders in the industry. Our Venture Capital Services team helps to manage our connections with the entrepreneurial community and investors. Our specialty is in linking promising clients to suitable sources of capital in the most efficient way for all participants. CALDWELL facilitates meaningful introductions between clients and investors to raise venture capital.

Investors gain access to a channel of top startups because of our diverse practice, breadth of technology, and relevant presence across the country’s leading innovation hubs.

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