Caldwell pledges to help start-ups impacted by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.  

Boston, MA, March 10, 2023 –Caldwell announced today a new program aimed at helping start-ups impacted by the recent events at Silicon Valley Bank. The firm has created a start-up program to collateralize a company’s intellectual property in exchange for IP and corporate legal services up to $10 million dollars in total. The program will provide flexibility for businesses that are facing uncertain future financial stability, while simultaneously allowing them to continue to grow and monetize their intellectual property portfolios. 

We became the fastest growing technology focused law firm because the community of startups put their trust in us.  It is now time for us to give back to the technology community.  Intellectual property is generally the most valuable asset of a start-up.  We know how to turn that asset into capital.  We plan to use that know how to play a small part in helping folks out of the rubble of the SVB collapse.

Keegan Caldwell, Managing Member.

Patent protection is one of the only assets in which a company can invest and, if properly executed, no matter what the fate of the company, the patents have a major asset value. Historically difficult to value due to the confidential nature of patent sales, Richardson Oliver Market Insights Brokered Patent Market Report 2020 indicates the average asking price of a patent sold on the brokered patent market was $302,000 per U.S. issued patent and $418,000 per patent family. 

“Its time to band together.  We’ve got your back.”- Keegan Caldwell, Managing Member.

About Caldwell

Caldwell is the go-to firm for high growth start-ups and early-stage technology companies. A modern law firm for cutting-edge solutions, Caldwell has a proven and systematic approach for developing and enforcing IP portfolios that reap financial success, proven by an allowance rate of 99% on all patents prosecuted. The team excels at helping clients devise and execute programs to optimize the value of their companies. The Corporate team at Caldwell has helped clients realize over $10 billion dollars.  With more than 500 clients, 200 of which are venture backed, Caldwell has been ranked the #1 fastest growing IP law firm on the Inc. 5000 for 3 years in a row. 

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