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Listen to Patent Attorney, Kasia Zebrowska-Trauben’s, top-rated Fashion Law Network podcast, ranked #22 in the U.S., #1 on Feed Spot as Top Best Fashion Law Podcast and #10 Best Fashion Podcast, and #1 in the Italy Business Apple Podcast charts. Founder and host, Kasia’s podcast is the first-of-its-kind intellectual property based podcast which discusses fashion related legal news and lawsuits and is in the top 1.5% of all podcasts.

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Signature Balmain

This episode is all about the Balmain fashion house. I begin with some recent Balmain news and then provide a brief history of the fashion house. Next, I discuss and analyze a few interesting patents and trademarks owned by Balmain. Finally, I provide my legal analysis of two intellectual property lawsuits that Balmain has been embroiled in. Enjoy and thank you for listening!

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This is a monthly podcast where Kasia will be discussing fashion related legal news and lawsuits. Enjoy and thank you for listening!

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