Caldwell is spotlighted in the November 2021 print issue of Inc. magazine for it’s recruitment efforts to bridge the gender gap and its pro-bono projects with currently incarcerated aspiring entrepreneurs.


Bridging the Gender Gap

Inc. writes: “While a recent American Bar Association diversity report found that women comprise just 22 percent of registered patent attorneys and agents, at Caldwell IP Law, women accounted for 36 percent of new hires in the latest recruitment round… Last year, the top 10 IP law firms in the U.S. had an average patent application allowance rate of 61.7 percent and an abandonment rate of 29.5 percent, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Caldwell IP Law’s numbers were 100 percent and 0.6 percent, respectively.”

Helping Others Succeed 

Inc. writes: “The firm works with organizations that help mentor aspiring entrepreneurs who are currently incarcerated. Right now, it is helping one such individual who reached out after reading the firm’s profile in Inc. magazine last year. “He has come up with an innovative idea to fundamentally improve a specific area of health care, and we are happy for the opportunity to help him pursue that dream,” Caldwell says.

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Caldwell is featured for the 2nd consecutive year on the Inc. 500 list, ranked the #349 Fastest Growing Company in the US, and the #1 Fastest Growing Law Firm in the US of 2021. Learn more here.