Spotlight Overview

The Women’s Energy Network spotlights Trademark Attorney Julie Tolek in a recent member post. Click here to see what brought Julie to the energy field, what her greatest achievements in her career have been, how she came across WEN, and what advice she has to share.

About Women’s Energy Network

Established in 1994, Women’s Energy Network has been offering more than 6,000 professionals opportunities, conferences, and community initiatives nationwide. WEN’s goal is to facilitate networking opportunities among a integrated community of women in the energy sector, focusing on education, advocacy, and career development.


What brought you to the energy field?
Julie Tolek: I work with clients in a diverse range of industries to protect and monetize their brand, including in the energy field. Whether it is a start-up focusing on ways to generate energy with zero emissions, renewable energy, or companies with fuel-powered machines building their electric and battery-powered counterparts, it is such a fascinating and forward-thinking sector to be a part of. I feel like I am helping businesses make a difference, for the future, for others, and themselves.

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