Uncover the transformative potential of staffing and scheduling innovations and chart towards a brighter future for healthcare delivery.

Healthcare transcends mere solutions; it’s about empowering healthcare workers to make tangible impacts in patient care. At its core, it’s about empowering healthcare workers with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to address the effectiveness of treatments. Through innovative technology utilization, discover invaluable insights and opportunities in the ever-evolving realm of healthcare tech.

In collaboration with MIT SandboxCaldwell hosted a fireside chat with Partner & Director of Life Sciences Practice, Katherine Rubino, and Allan Njoroge, Founder & CEO of Actriv Healthcare. Hear from Allan, who believes in building a community of professionals who are dedicated to caring for their patients, each other, and their shared mission of constantly improving the healthcare experience.

United in their mission to push the boundaries of healthcare and make a real impact on the world, Actriv Healthcare is reinventing the way healthcare professionals connect with facilities in a way that empowers them to do what they love.

Topic of Discussion:

Disruptive Tech Insights: Explore the frontier of technological tools reshaping staffing and scheduling. From AI-driven algorithms to intuitive platforms, uncover how these innovations can elevate your approach to workforce management.

Growth and Industry Impact: Understand how the growth trajectory of trailblazers in the field translate into broader industry advancements, offering inspiration for your own professional journey.

Future Vision: Peer into the future of healthcare tech, envisioning a landscape where innovation fosters enhanced patient care, optimized staffing, and a more sustainable healthcare ecosystem.

Engagement Opportunities: Discover avenues for involvement and collaboration within the healthcare tech community. Whether you’re a professional seeking new horizons or an aspiring innovator eager to make your mark, find out how you can engage and contribute to the collective evolution of healthcare tech.

Meet Our Panelists:

Katherine Rubino: Partner & Chair, Life Sciences Practice Group, CALDWELL
Allan Njoroge: Founder & CEO of Actriv Healthcare