Blockchain and Cryptocurrency


What We Do

Our long track record of working with blockchain and other emerging technologies allows us to provide efficient, actionable advice as clients pursue the untapped possibilities of blockchain technology, from innovative financing structures—such as token generation events, bespoke security tokens and conventional venture financing structures that integrate token exposure—to applications beyond cryptocurrency.

Experience that Dates Back to the Beginning

The Caldwell team has been firmly positioned in the Blockchain & Crypto Currency space from the very beginning. We believe in the disruptive nature of the technology and are counsel to some of the most innovative companies in this field. Our attorneys find creative solutions that help our clients minimize risk while realizing their goals. We assist a myriad of clients including developers of application layer technologies and native protocols, stable coin issuers, cryptocurrency issuers, traders, exchanges, trading platforms, miners, investors and service providers. We have a depth of experience assisting in patent prosecution and monetization of blockchain based technology as applied to various sectors of technology including fintech, healthcare,

Our deep experience and longevity in this space since its inception allows us to provide actionable advice as clients enter into this untapped technology from innovative financing structures to applications beyond cryptocurrency. We tailor legal solutions that comply with state, federal and international regulations drawing on our extensive understanding of the enforcement priorities of key regulators.

Our Flexible, Forward-Thinking Approach

Clients value the fact that we work as their partners. We listen to their goals and then commit to finding a path forward that successfully navigates the long term business objective and strategy.

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