Why Cleantech Companies Choose Caldwell

Caldwell works with companies at the helm of alternative energy and other cleantech-related technologies.

Our cleantech team helps clients in all areas of renewable energy including biofuels, chemical, electric, solar and wind. We provide innovative solutions to these clients and help them successfully navigate the intellectual property, corporate, tax and litigation challenges faced in today’s highly competitive environment. Companies, investors and academic/research institutions in all areas of energy consumption, power management, and alternative fuels and materials rely on our attorneys for a myriad of legal services, including M&A transactions, complex IP litigation, executive compensation and employee benefits, IP strategy and prosecution.

Our Intellectual Property Professionals Help Companies at all Stages of Development

We have been working with rapidly evolving companies at the forefront of innovation for more than four decades. Our seasoned patent professionals provide patent counseling and prosecution services for all sizes of patent portfolios and for dozens of cleantech-related technologies, including cellulosic ethanol, biosynthetic fuel production, carbon fixation technologies, nuclear material management systems, power supply, power control and power management circuits, and software. Our cleantech clients also rely on us to draft and negotiate licensing agreements.

A Group of Top Legal, Technical and Scientific Minds that Understands Your Business

Because of our combined legal and technical expertise, we will work with you to provide advice that is efficient, relevant and in consideration of your competitive environment. Our attorneys regularly make presentations at industry conferences, particularly on funding trends and intellectual property issues facing emerging cleantech companies, investors and research institutions. They are also actively involved in cleantech industry groups, such as the Vertical Flight Society, an organization devoted to creating a sustainable clean energy economy.

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