About the Event

Join the chair of our Technology Practice, Micah T. Drayton, and Chair of Life Sciences and Patent Attorney, Katherine Rubino, on September 21, 2021 for a lively discussion of the Artificial Intelligence innovation landscape and its implications for intellectual property, business, and society. We will discuss the various forms that “smart” programs can take, how they can integrate in our products today and in the future, and how the current intellectual property regime can help to nurture these new developments.

Answering Challenging AI Questions

AI is an increasingly frequent subject of news coverage, and a ubiquitous element in new innovation, from myriad “smart” appliances and consumer goods to vast data mining and analysis operations by farms of supercomputers.

This proliferation is matched only by the spread of questions: can one claim to have invented a machine that can think, or an algorithm that trains itself autonomously? When an invention was created by a computer, where is the inventive spark?

As yet another fundamental change sweeps our technological landscape, undreamt-of opportunities and fears abound.

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