Katie Rubino spoke on intellectual property and business strategies in the cannabis industry with [CHAS] Division of Chemical Health & Safety following her recent publication in the American Chemical Health & Safety Journal. A link to the full article, “Developments and Trends in Cannabis Intellectual Property Rights,” is provided here.

Abstract: Novel discoveries are abundant for any scientist or researcher working in the cannabis space. Innovations such as new terpenes, flavonids, plant strains, and hemp seeds are routinely uncovered. However, knowing how to best protect these discoveries can be challenging. Would a trade secret provide better protection that a patent? Or would a trademark be appropriate? The aim of this talk is to explore various forms of intellectual property that are available to protect innovations in the cannabis space, as well as to touch upon the unique and creative ways to create intellectual property strategies that align with business objectives.

Rubino highlights the differences between plant, utility and design patents and how they are applied to the cannabis industry. She also explores potential patent challenges as well as PTAB litigation cases and how to mitigate issues through successful prosecution strategies.

                                                                                                                     Source: Patentforecast

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