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Priya Pandey

Patent Search Manager

Boston, MA

+1 857 416 4712


Priya is a Patent Search Manager at Caldwell. In this position, Priya collaborates with technical specialists, associates, and agents to ensure that the client’s IP goals are being satisfied. Highlights of her role include:

  • Conducting comprehensive patent and NPL searches and analyzing the search results.
  • Preparing high-quality reports on Patentability.
  • Preparing Information Disclosure Sheet for filing with USPTO.


Prior to joining the firm, Priya worked at UF Innovate | Tech Licensing, Gainesville, Florida as a Patent and Writing Fellow (Volunteer) as well as at various IP firms in India as a registered Indian patent agent (reg. no. INPA-2018). Her responsibilities in her previous roles included preparation and prosecution of Indian patent applications in Indian and other jurisdictions, conducting patent and NPL searches related to Patentability, FTO/Infringement, Invalidity and Technology Landscape, and preparing and filing design applications. Priya holds a master’s degree in microbiology and a postgraduate diploma in patents law. She has worked with inventors ranging from individuals to multinational companies for protecting their inventions belonging to the field of Life Sciences, Engineering, Computer Sciences, Medical Devices, Automobile Industries etc.

Outside of work, Priya enjoys travelling, cooking, and meditating.